Professor Graham Goodwin
Professor Graham Goodwin

Virtual Laboratories for Control Systems Design (VL-CSD) is a unique software-learning tool, which provides an on-line solution to the traditional “physical” experimental laboratories undertaken for control system design concepts

The VL-CSD virtual software model allows the student to self-pace these laboratories by applying the systems and control theory learnt in their studies to this simulated environment.

This software tool has been developed based on real world control situations collated over the past 25 years. It provides a unique problem based learning environment and gives the student an exposure to real world events that are difficult to replicate in the traditional physical laboratory.

VL-CSD provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn about control engineering. The Laboratories can be used by undergraduate students within universities as well as by working engineers keen to continue their education. The software tool allows students to access the laboratories at a time which suits their study needs.

You can get a quick view of the functionality and utility of the laboratories by running this short video.

VL-CSD has been developed by Professor Graham Goodwin and his team at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Professor Goodwin is a world leader in the theory and applications of systems control.

The VL-CSD product is being commercialised by the University of Newcastle's commercial arm - Newcastle Innovation Ltd.